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About Me


Thanks for stopping in!  My name is Trisha and I am from San Felipe Pueblo and Laguna Pueblo.  Baking became a passion for me several years ago.  It all begin when  Gil and I coached many flag football seasons for our son.  At the end of one of the seasons we had raised enough money to have an elaborate team banquet and I thought it would be a nice touch to create cookie bouquets for every kid on the team, 22 of them!  What was I thinking?  I honestly had no idea what I was getting into and the amount of work that was involved.  The jerseys, footballs, pennants, and helmets may have not been the best designs but one thing for sure was that I was hooked!  In our family we love and thrive on self-challenges and baking became no different.  I like to think that I have improved my skills over the years and I am continually seeking to get better.  It also helps that my daughter and son are brutally honest critiquing my work.  Every order that has come my way has helped me to grow in many ways so I thank everyone who has given me the opportunity to create something special for them.  If you have just discovered me, I welcome you. 

The single most asked question I get is, What does your business name mean?  In Keres the word 'Koo-Weh' means 'sweet' translating my business name to Sweet Cookies.  Our language is not written and I am not a linguist so I made a best attempt to spell the word on how I hear it.  So when you see me at pop-up events around town and read my banner you will know what my phrase means, Put a little Koo-Weh-ness into your life.

When my logo was being designed I knew that I wanted to incorporate the Zia sun symbol.  It was important for me to get the Pueblo of Zia's approval before revealing the logo.  I felt incredibly happy when they gave me their blessings to use it.  I will always be grateful to them.

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